Introducing Agile M - Mobile Sales Insights for Life Sciences

Since its introduction last year, the iPad has quickly become the life sciences industry’s preferred mobile tool for sales and marketing. Many executives and sales reps have been issued an iPad by their companies, but so far, they haven’t capitalized on the emerging opportunity that mobile devices truly present: access  to real-time, convenient, integrated data and insights that improve the speed, quality, and accuracy of business decisions.

 Today we are excited to announce Agile M, a mobile, on-demand solution that delivers fully-integrated, personalized, and actionable commercial insights and analytics straight to a user’s iPad or iPhone. In the dynamic and ever-changing life sciences space, Agile M allows for faster and better decisions with lower overhead and higher adoption than traditional on-premise BI software, and helps the industry better realize the potential of mobile as a strategic business imperative.

 As our Brian Irwin asserted in a previous blog post, the real power of the iPad lies in its simplicity and capacity to serve in performance support. Leveraging mobile technology from our partner Roambi, we built Agile M to support field sales teams, all of which are competing for fewer physician resources and are at a disadvantage without real-time access to relevant customer insights. Always-on and always-available, Agile M provides personalized insights that result in better territory management and pre-call planning, more valuable and insightful interactions with their customers, and increased physician access and advocacy.

 Agile M’s value goes beyond sales teams. Brand managers, account directors, and executives all benefit from a combination of industry-leading data integration and interactive analytics that deliver powerful commercial insights and improve performance.

 No matter who uses Agile M, though, we designed it to be easy-to-use, intuitive and interactive. While sales data is complex, gaining insights doesn’t have to be. No matter where you are – on the road, in meetings, at a conference, on a plane – you can access an always-on 360-degree picture of your entire market and customers in real-time, from which you can make more informed business decisions.

With our team of life sciences analytics experts, Agile M empowers organizational strategic decision-making and brand development in less time and at a lower cost than internal solutions. For more information on Agile M, I urge you to review the following resources:

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