TrinityAgile provides a powerful and flexible environment for dynamically delivering sales insights across your entire organization. Designed exclusively for life sciences, TrinityAgile is an on-demand solution that connects the network of commercial data that drives rich and personalized performance analytics and reporting. As the industry changes, so does your business – your marketing & sales teams need tools that can adapt in real-time. TrinityAgile is an entirely new approach to traditional business intelligence (BI) – an approach that is as nimble and innovative as you are. 

Fast and Accurate Data Integration

Connect and integrate all of your commercial life sciences data with an unprecedented level of ease and accuracy. TrinityAgile connects across channels to Pharma’s most used and niche data sources – bridging commercial information to dramatically decrease the time to insight. A service with guaranteed accuracy; TrinityAgile delivers data that is actionable in days, not weeks, to realize significant cost and time savings over comparable solutions.

Personalized Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

From reps to execs, TrinityAgile’s highly interactive and personalized analytics empower your team to query, visualize, aggregate, and filter information to achieve higher levels of productivity. With an intuitive interface that can be tailored to each user, TrinityAgile bridges performance across your organization to and delivers 360˚ visibility of your market, accounts and physicians.

Domain and Data Expertise, On-Demand

Battle-tested by some of today’s largest pharmaceutical companies, TrinityAgile is a first-class, highly evolved enterprise grade platform for the life sciences industry. Years of experience – spanning multiple therapeutic areas and specialized experience in the biotech and specialty markets – have positioned Trinity to keep your organization a step ahead of the ever-changing market.