TrinityAgile for Managed Markets


Managed Markets Intelligence

TrinityAgile for Managed Markets delivers the innovative analytics managed care teams need to compete in this ever-changing environment.

Understanding the impact changes in healthcare reform and payer dynamics can have to your account and product positioning is critical to a successful sales strategy. It’s why managed care analytics have become an integral component to sales performance. When performed correctly, they provide insights across market access, reimbursement, payer relationships, physician influence, physician preferences, formulary status, and part D. But bridging all of this information when it comes from the variety of vendors that exist (IMS®, Wolters Kluwer®, Fingertip Formulary®, HealthLeaders, etc.) and correlating it to your sales data can be a challenge. Your Managed Markets team needs a solution that can connect all of this data cleanly, create a payer backbone that delivers insights to inform pull-through strategies, and increase sales by maximizing collaboration with the sales force. You need TrinityAgile.

TrinityAgile for Managed Markets is an on-demand solution providing integrated data, dashboards, and analytics that power, measure, and inform tactics and strategies for today’s managed care organization (MCO). TrinityAgile gives you a comprehensive view of the factors influencing prescription behavior and the payer dynamics behind it all. In a complex, regulated, and constantly changing environment TrinityAgile delivers: 

  • Fully integrated managed care data (PlanTrak, Source, FingerTip, HLI, sales, contract, etc.) with the flexibility to consume new systems and data sources on-demand.
  • Highly interactive dashboards and analytics personalized to your managers and executives, allowing them to quickly drill down to the information they need to support strategic decisions and manage performance.
  • Intuitive, on-line access to explore and export curated data for managed care planning, analysis, and performance measurement.

With a team of life science industry experts at your side, TrinityAgile empowers your organization to achieve all of this in less time and at a lower cost than internal solutions.

Features & Benefits

TrinityAgile provides managed markets teams with the tools they need to bridge the complex data in this space and understand the underlying influences of payer dynamics on brand performance. Driven by our work with hundreds of life sciences companies, our team has built an on-demand solution that removes the barriers to quality, timely data and analytics. TrinityAgile allows managed markets teams to focus on what’s most important: brand success.




Hundreds of plugins to the industry’s most used and niche data sources (including IMS®, Verispan®, Wolters Kluwer®, SDI, MediMedia, Fingertip, Siebel, wholesalers, specialty pharmacies, 3PLs, and more).

Comprehensive: Eliminates the need for lengthy requirements gathering sessions with partners that don’t know your business or industry data.
Integrate all of your data quickly and seamlessly with minimal IT involvement.

Built-in pharma intelligence integrates data the way your business needs it with thousands of automated quality checks.

Bridging: Leverage our experience - TrinityAgile has been deployed in almost every major market and indication. Life science logic is built-in with intelligence that bridges payers across data sources creating a reliable payer backbone.




Highly interactive, data-rich, guided analytics

Intuitive: Quickly and visually analyze complex data and communicate information effectively.

Collaboration features

 Distribution: Instantly share and iterate with other decision makers in the organization and export results for use in presentation and communication materials.

Point-and-analyze usability

Easy-to-use: Reduce the time it takes to prepare an analysis.





Agile: Data in the cloud means zero infrastructure investment, lower total cost of ownership, and quicker time-to-value. TrinityAgile scales with your business.


Robust: TrinityAgile is built atop industry-leading technology and secure, dependable, and fully integrated software components. Our technology partners include Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, and IBM Cognos.

Centralized business rule management

Consistent: TrinityAgile employs strict data lineage techniques to monitor alterations to upstream data and track input-output dependencies for compliance and reconciliation purposes.

System integration

Extensible: TrinityAgile can be integrated with other systems (e.g. CRM) and can participate in an internal ecosystem via source or destination integration.

Approach & Service

On-Time Success. Guaranteed.

Managed markets teams are now an integral component to commercial strategy. Understanding the strategic importance of payers and the micro dynamics of how they influence your customers is critical to brands success. TrinityAgile delivers payer and provider side insights across data sets that inform contracting, account management, pull-through, and field sales activities.

When you engage with Trinity, you add decades of life sciences and data management experience to your project team. TrinityAgile solutions are backed by experts with deep domain expertise across dozens of therapeutic areas and particular experience in biotech and specialty markets. Much more than a technology provider, Trinity is a strategic partner that is dedicated to your success throughout the life of the engagement and beyond.

Working with your key stakeholders to define the market opportunity, the challenges, and the metrics for success, our team tailors TrinityAgile to meet your precise needs as dictated by your unique product mix, market dynamics, therapeutic areas, and performance characteristics. The result is the exact solution you need, when you need it. Trinity’s service team delivers: 

  • Fastest Time to Value: We work fast and smart. Our life sciences expertise and experience with hundreds of implementations means your solution is delivered in less than half the time of our competitors.
  • Intuitive Expertise: Deep domain expertise across virtually every therapeutic category combined with data and technology know-how means you get a solution tailored to your future, not just your present. Trinity’s years of life sciences experience means we can answer the questions you haven’t asked yet.
  • Accuracy: Technology can only get you part of the way. That’s why we’re constantly evaluating the data to ensure it meets our standard of 100% accuracy, every day. And because this standard is built into our Service Level Agreements, you know you can trust Trinity.

Your mission-critical Trinity project will get delivered on-time, meet your needs, and deliver data and analytics you can trust. That’s what our customers demand and what we commit to deliver.