An established medical device company with a range of surgery-related products needed an expert partner with the domain, data, and business expertise to analyze, comprehend, and design an overall analytics strategy to drive their business forward.
An emerging biotech company preparing for its first independent product launch needed to make sure it had the proper commercial infrastructure in place for a successful launch. They needed a partner with the requisite depth of data and market experience to guide this critical foundational decision.
A subsidiary of a global healthcare and pharmaceutical conglomerate wanted to understand opportunities in the Primary Care market and move quickly to take advantage of them. They needed a partner who could help them work smarter and faster and apply analytic rigor to the process.
The sales and marketing leadership for a global mid-cap medical device maker felt hampered by a lack of visibility into customer accounts. They needed the next generation of managed markets insights to drive their sales strategy.
A market leader in cardiovascular (CV) products did not have the integrated channel and account-level data needed to compete. They needed a technology and analytics platform to drive decision-making and help win deals.
Ready to deliver two innovative therapies into the infectious diseases market, a specialty pharma company needed a managed solution that could be implemented without IT resources and personalized analytics to empower success.
A global diversified pharmaceutical company needed integrated data, indication-specific expertise, and accurate and intuitive analytics to innovate at the breakneck pace required in today’s marketplace.
A leading mid-cap medical device company needed a partnership nimble enough to adapt to their rapidly changing business and robust enough to manage performance across multiple sales teams.
Armed with a product that had the potential to change the market, leadership knew they needed the next generation of sales insight to power a successful launch.
A global pharma company needed an enterprise-level solution and expert services to deliver the integrated data, personalized analytics, and business change velocity to help drive US sales efforts.